About us

Trois Voeux

Founded in 2019 by Australian Designer Alysse Yarrow.

The brand offers unique & modern designs with intricate detailing, embellishments and a mixture of textures embedded in the trims and carefully selected fabrics.

Modern luxury and the influence of French couture infiltrates the brands essence.

Alysse completed her diploma of fashion design and then went on to further her studies by completing her Bachelor of fashion design and technology at the well known University of RMIT.

She is well traveled, enjoys the beauty of nature and intricate juxtaposed images of the world around her.

Inspired by Modern and Ancient Architecture, Textures of all sorts, Origami, Natures elements, Quality and French Couture, Alysse wishes to re-invent sophistication and elegance for children of all ages.

Her aim is to create quality pieces for kids that can be interchangeable to form new outfits and expose the little stylist. The hope that her pieces will hold value to the customer and help create magical beautiful memories to one day be passed on to another little princess/prince to begin the cycle again and reduce the impact of landfill.

The name Trois Voeux meaning Three Wishes, stems from the joined inspiration of French Couture and fairy tales. Three Wishes is the amount of wishes that were granted throughout Alysse’s favourite childhood fairy tales and will be the main topic that will resonate throughout the brands image.